O A K  C R E E K        W E A T H E R  24
                                                                OAK CREEK  WEATHER  /   WISCONSIN  WEATHER  /   USA WEATHER  /  EUROPE     

Station location OAK CREEK, WI 42.89ºN 87.9ºW Elevation 689ft, 3 miles W of Lake Michigan Shoreline, Weather Station Equipment:DAVIS VANTAGE VUE Wireless PWS, WEB HOST: WEB.com  OWNED AND OPERATED BY OCWX FORECASTING SYSTEMS

AUTOMATIC WX STATIONS                  KWIOAKCR4    /      ME5433     

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LINKS WeatherBELL, College of DuPage,  NWS WPC LINK   Precip Day 1 - 7   

WISCONSIN  24hr PRECIP  THU AUG 24 7am   NCEP WPC 00z 0823             WISCONSIN  24hr PRECIP SAT AUG 26 7am  NCEP WPC 00z 0823         

WISCONSIN  24hr PRECIP  SUN AUG 27 7am    NCEP WPC 00Z 0823                  WISCONSIN  24hr PRECIP  MON AUG 28 7am  NCEP WPC 00z 0823