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                                                  WEATHER UPDATE    SUN JAN 20 at 3:30pm   
Very cold over the next 36 hours with below zero low temps. TUE less cold, more snow in 3-5" range, chance for some freez rain mixing with the snow early TUE evening. Bitterly cold temps return late week into the weekend!

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                         MIDWEST/ USA   PRESSURE LEVELS

MidWest  10m Wind Speed+MSLP  SUN 6pm     ECMWF 00z 0119

MidWest  10m Wind Speed+MSLP  MON 6pm     ECMWF 00z 0119

MIDWEST 850mb TEMPS   SUN 6pm    ECMWF 00z 0119

MIDWEST 850mb TEMPS  MON 6pm     ECMWF 00z 0119

North America      500hPa Geopotential Height and Anomaly      MON JAN 21 at 6pm             ECMWF 00z 0119                                          

North America  1000-500hPa    Thickness            MON JAN 21 at 6pm               ECMWF 00z 0119

North America  200 hPa Wind Speed+Vector Direction, Height        MON JAN 21 at 6pm           ECMWF 00z 0119